Projets Interreg

Site Drug

A highly interdisciplinary consortium of 10 academic and industrial partners in the “2 Seas Region” (Northern France, Southern UK, Northern Belgium and a part of The Netherlands) are working together to develop innovative drug treatments with improved therapeutic efficacies and reduced undesired side effects.

The aim of this project is to develop innovative drug products, which are able to control the resulting drug distribution in the patient’s body: The drug amount at the site of action is to be optimized, and the amount that is “lost” into the rest of the human body is to be minimized. This is to be achieved by “site-specific delivery systems”, which release the drug at a controlled rate at the site of action. Thus, the therapeutic efficacy will be improved & undesired side effects reduced. This will help reducing the current cost burden on our healthcare systems due to adverse drug effects. Specifically, the project aims at developing innovative site-specific drug delivery systems for the colon, inner ear, peritoneal cavity and breast.